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Digital Homeopathy goes Mobile for the First Time!

For two years I traveled around to visit Doctors, Dentists, Naturopaths, Students and Practitioners, sharing Digital Homeopathy through training programs and selling audio cds.  I even sold mp3 players for awhile, loaded with hundreds of options for helping people heal themselves.  I met some amazing people who shared some amazing stories. Most people who know […]

What is an “Alternative Healing Modality”?

As used in the healing arts, ‘modality’ is really a new age word for describing a special alternative (not mainstream) healing technique.  Usually a practitioner or person uses this technique with others to help encourage a healing response regarding some issue(s).  For example, one healing modality most people recognize is massage.  It is an excellent […]

Digital Homeopathy creates Accelerated Healing!

With all of these modalities in my tool belt, and huge personal success with my own health and wellness, I began to help others take control of their health too.  In 2007 and 2008, I opened offices to see clients and had a huge turnout of people curious about what I had to offer.  We […]

Why Create a Device to Capture Vibrations of Remedies?

There appear to be a number of alternative healthcare devices on the market these days that deliver frequencies and sounds.  The question has always been, how are these derived?  In some cases, there is not a speck of the original substance involved in the process.  Having positive intention is critical and I will not refute […]

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the fastest growing healthcare system in the world, according to the World Health Organization!  Homeopathy has been used for 200+ years to address disease.  This medicine system triggers the natural healing process.   Remedies stimulate immune response increasing resistance. It is a system of medicine based on treating the individual with highly diluted substances.  […]

Why Capture Homeopathic Substances in the Energy Wave Capture Station?

Homeopathy is Energy Medicine! Homeopathy was discovered in 1796 by a German doctor named Samuel Hahnemann.  The word Homeopathy comes from the Greek vocabulary meaning ‘similar suffering’. Like Hippocrates two thousand years earlier, Dr. Hahnemann realized there were two ways of treating ill health: the way of opposites, most commonly used by conventional, allopathic or […]

How long and how frequently should you listen to Digital Homeopathic Sound Remedies?

It is believed that digital remedy therapy is Natural, Safe & Free from Side Effects.  Most people consider this approach “Self Adjusting” because you can listen when and for as long as you need to.  Digitized remedy medicine is delivered to the body energetically through sound waves.  Biochemical responses often associated with taking pills usually […]