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Digital Agrohomeopathy is MORE than Organic!

What could possibly be MORE ORGANIC than treating your plants with Homeopathy?  I’ve GOT IT!  AgroHomeopathy delivered as sound!  What’s AgroHomeopathy? AgroHomeopathy is a specialized approach used to treat plants for pests and disease.  Utilizing traditional homeopathic remedies, AgroHomeopathy is a chemical free, non-toxic alternative for farming, food and crops.  You can even use it in your home garden!  […]

Nature Sounds are Relaxing and Healing

“There are hundreds of sounds that help create healing in the body.  Nature sounds are universally relaxing and revitalizing. Understanding the proven effects nature has on health and healing is like separating flour from a cake mix.  It is such a common ingredient you don’t challenge its relevance.  The sound of crickets at night, birds […]

Digital Homeopathic Sound Remedies you DON’T Hear?!?

Sounds are delivered through devices every day for treatment, imaging and diagnostic purposes.  An Ultrasound Scan uses high frequency sound waves to create images of the inside of the body.  Pregnant women frequently get an ultrasound to check on the baby in the womb.  Therapeutic Ultrasound, frequently used by physical therapists, is a method of […]

Nana Shows Dogs Respond to Digital Sound Remedies!

“A healthy body is one where the frequencies are flowing in balanced harmony.  When negative frequencies reside in our body, our natural abilities are suppressed.  When we are out of balance, out of harmony, we begin to lose our wellness.  Based on these two profound laws, emerging from the science of physics and biology, sounds […]