What is an “Alternative Healing Modality”?

As used in the healing arts, ‘modality’ is really a new age word for describing a special alternative (not mainstream) healing technique.  Usually a practitioner or person uses this technique with others to help encourage a healing response regarding some issue(s).  For example, one healing modality most people recognize is massage.  It is an excellent way to reduce stress and relieve tension from the body.  When we engage in a modality for self help, often we call that our ‘practice’.  For instance, some people practice self massage as a way to relax.

If you look at my profile (link), you will see that I have a number of degrees and certifications.  I have developed a range of healing modalities that I have used over the years with others and myself, such as Reiki, Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Holographic Memory Resolution, Pranic Healing, PsychK,  Sound Healing and Access BARS Consciousness.  These practices followed a steady career in the corporate world which progressed on a platform of formal education. 

Some of us seek growth and improvement through doing.  We call this practical experience or ‘street smarts’.  Some of us learn by studying or taking a class where someone teaches us something we want to learn.  I like a little bit of both.  Like most people, I spend time ‘in my head’ processing things.  Part of my learning has included ‘practices’ such as yoga and meditation which help us get ‘out of our head’. 

Being a doctoral candidate at IQUIM has offered me a unique opportunity to learn from another team of Masters who are leaders in alternative health, global change and quantum physics - modern subjects which are changing the way we think about health and wellness.  I am leveraging my skills and talents into an exciting new field.  As I have developed proficiency in Homeopathy, I realized that very little research exists regarding the use of the vibrations of remedies played as sound for the same issues and concerns that traditional Homeopathy addresses.  Because I see myself as a Pioneer and Steward of the Digital Homeopathic Sound Remedy Process (make that a link to another blog post) – collecting and delivering sound vibrations of Homeopathic remedies – the Doctorate program is a perfect launching pad for research and inquiry about it.  When complete, I will have a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and will have formally researched Digital Homeopathy which will open new doors to using this exciting modality!

In love and light,   Sandra