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Can you meditate in noisy environments?


What's the best sound dB level to meditate?  Many of us enjoy meditating and frequently use sounds to help us relax, drown out external noise, and focus.  In fact, some very good recorded meditations can

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Digital Homeopathy goes Mobile for the First Time!


For two years I traveled around to visit Doctors, Dentists, Naturopaths, Students and Practitioners, sharing Digital Homeopathy through training programs and selling audio cds.  I even sold mp3 players for awhile, loaded with hundreds of

Digital Homeopathy goes Mobile for the First Time!2015-01-03T21:11:33+00:00

What is an “Alternative Healing Modality”?


As used in the healing arts, ‘modality’ is really a new age word for describing a special alternative (not mainstream) healing technique.  Usually a practitioner or person uses this technique with others to help encourage

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