Why Create a Device to Capture Vibrations of Remedies?

There appear to be a number of alternative healthcare devices on the market these days that deliver frequencies and sounds.  The question has always been, how are these derived?  In some cases, there is not a speck of the original substance involved in the process.  Having positive intention is critical and I will not refute the belief that saying things can bring them into being.  However, given the choice, why not use something superior?

The creators of the Energy Wave Capture Station created the device born out of the desire to have a database of quality digitized dietary substances.  Practitioners and individuals have a large library of substances that can aid in the testing and verification of them as remedies to aid in rebalancing a subject.  Many practitioners use body energy assessment techniques such as Electro-dermal screening, Kinesiology, or Noshia pulse testing to evaluate the appropriateness of a remedy via the sound of it.  Having easy access to a large set of possible remedies to help in the rebalancing effort of a person or animal is extremely useful and beneficial, allowing for the greatest effectiveness at determining a workable remedy in the shortest period of time.  It is simple and cost effective.

A team of software and hardware engineers, artificial intelligence experts, alternative healthcare practitioners and healers combined their knowledge and wisdom over many years to make this technology possible.  Virtually anything can be captured in the device offering lots of possibilities for this amazing technology!

In my experience, the audio version – the vibrational signature – of the substance can be felt by energetically sensitive people resulting in a virtual application of the actual remedy.  Even those who claim to be unable to feel energy medicine, offer story after story regarding how listening to the remedy had a beneficial effect on their health and wellness.  As research continues, more understanding regarding the efficacy of digital sound remedies will be shared.

In love and light,   Sandra