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Hello and thanks for visiting the disclaimer page. Most of you are aware of the enormous penalties for making medical claims. I take this very seriously. I am not a medical doctor, nor do I prescribe, diagnose or in any way give medical advice.

Digital Sound Remedies and Digital Homeopathy are music, not drugs. The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated this product for safety or efficacy. The FDA is not aware of scientific evidence to support this as effective.

You probably came to the site to explore some options for an issue you are having. Great effort has been taken to use simplified language when explaining concepts. It is my desire for you to have enough understanding so you can use this information in a practical way. When discussing energy medicine, such as homeopathy, frequencies and sound healing, people can interpret or define things from multiple perspectives.

For example, homeopathic remedies are physical substances which are created by a series of dilutions and succussions. I refer to Digital Sound Remedies as Homeopathic. Legitimate Homeopathic remedies are used to capture vibrational signatures, but when those songs are played, it is no longer a pill, drop or diluted substance being succussed. It’s music. I think it’s very special music because it represents the ‘life-force’ of the substance from which it was derived. Like everything else on this site, it is my opinion. 🙂

During the course of reading this information and using the remedies in Your DigitalMedicineCabinet™, you may hear or see words that “sound” like the names of medications, treatments, symptoms, or diseases. I use expressions and words to describe things that are commonly associated with a disease or medication. Doing this does not make me an authority regarding these diseases or medications. Rather, the words are only used for ease in understanding. Know that the sound remedies being heard in Your DigitalMedicineCabinet™ are not proven to be the actual disease or medication themselves.

You might notice that I use different words to identify the issue you are looking to address.  I may call them 'perceptions' rather than 'symptoms'.  Because I do not diagnose or treat symptoms, and because intention is so very important when you are creating healing for yourself, and because the language we use to describe these things has much energy and value towards the outcome.... I prefer to view them as perceptions you are having that you are aiming to shift through your own positive healing.

This technique is still currently in its research and development stages.  When you visit this site, read the information, and/or listen to the remedies, you participate by choice, recognizing it does not constitute a “medical” diagnosis, a medical practice or procedure or the treatment or cure of any disease or illness.  You also agree this product is designed solely for self-improvement, learning, to aid in motivation, relaxation and experimentation.

As I mentioned before, I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe. I like it this way. You see, when we label the issues and conditions that we have, we tend to associate with them in ways that are not always resourceful for us. You have probably heard of the Placebo Effect, which I talk about in my book, Digital Medicine: Experience Homeopathy as Healing Sound. It can work both positively for and negatively against us. If you believe in something, it is more likely to take effect, even if it’s a diagnosis that can be life threatening.

Now, let’s be logical here. I am not saying don’t follow your doctor’s advice. Please do whatever you need to do to be healthy and if that means doing what your doctor says, by all means, don’t stop taking their advice. I too seek the advice of qualified professionals when it’s necessary. Please accept your own responsibility for any follow up, including attaining medical advice regarding matters you become aware of in this process. At any rate, you agree to hold me and Quantunamics, LLC harmless.

Thanks for reading! As always, I hold you all in healthy perfection, seeing these sounds as a way for you to tap into your own healing potential.

In Love and Light,