Digital Agrohomeopathy is MORE than Organic!

What could possibly be MORE ORGANIC than treating your plants with Homeopathy?  I've GOT IT!  AgroHomeopathy delivered as sound!  What's AgroHomeopathy?

AgroHomeopathy is a specialized approach used to treat plants for pests and disease.  Utilizing traditional homeopathic remedies, AgroHomeopathy is a chemical free, non-toxic alternative for farming, food and crops.  You can even use it in your home garden!  AgroHomeopathy helps your plants resist disease and pests by strengthening them, much like traditional homeopathy strengthens your immune system.  There are many different remedies used to address plant problems and many that have been used to stimulate seeds to germinate.

Hands holding sapling in soil

For example:

Phosphorus 6C has been found to increase oil in verbina plants:

Silicea has many uses in the garden, including transplant shock, strengthening and seed germination:

But what about delivering these remedies as sound?

In my book, "Digital Medicine:  Experience Homeopathy as Healing Sound" due out Spring 2015, I write briefly about sound and its use with plants:

"Sound has an effect on other living organisms, including plant life.  Extraordinary work has been done using sound on plants.  There are numerous studies indicating sound vibration can stimulate a seed or plant.  For example, seeds are sometimes treated with ultrasound to help start the germination process and improve water uptake.   It has been known for decades musical sounds of various types have been shown to illicit plant response. There have been several groundbreaking authors who brought this to our awareness first in the 1970s.  In her book, The Sound of Music and Plants, Dorothy Retallack shares stories and experiments she conducted with music and plants.   Christopher Bird and Peter Tompkin’s The Secret Life of Plants has documented dozens of experiments regarding the vibratory nature of plants and their relationship to people."

Wow!  So if we can deliver homeopathy as sound to treat plants without chemicals, pesticides, herbicides.... If we can avoid products sitting on shelves with expiration dates, spoilage and cost, what does this mean for our agriculture and food supply?  What could this mean for you and your home garden?  As I research and discover the relationships between digital homeopathy and plants, I will share the results.

Thanks for reading!