Digital Homeopathy creates Accelerated Healing!

With all of these modalities in my tool belt, and huge personal success with my own health and wellness, I began to help others take control of their health too.  In 2007 and 2008, I opened offices to see clients and had a huge turnout of people curious about what I had to offer.  We gathered a lot of anecdotal testimony and information about the successes we experienced together as Healer and Healee.

When I met Carol, she needed an organ transplant and had a donor – her brother.  But every time she went to take the auto aggressive test – to determine if she would accept or reject a new organ – she failed.  I signed up to help her save her life.  First we did Reiki, a hands-on energy healing technique, which improved her sleep.  As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I hypnotized her and her counts shifted, but not dramatically.  I recorded her hypnosis, but she could not relax enough at home to listen to it.  I was determined to find a way to help her be calm in her own environment so she could make a shift.  I began to add things to her audio that helped her so dramatically that she was able to listen to the recording for a month and pass her next exam.  She had the transplant and is alive and healthy.

Wow!  I was on to something!  What else is possible? 

I began looking for sounds to add to the audios to accelerate the healing process.  At that time, the audios contained nature sounds, hypnotic suggestions, soothing music, brainwave entrainment and positive intentions.  By adding Digital Homeopathic Remedies to the audios, I started to see some dramatic shifts!  I started creating easy to use and inexpensive remedies and quickly learned that this inexpensive tool is easy to use for almost anyone!

I decided to apply my know-how and experience to develop products that could reach more people.  It takes multi-tasking to the next level because it combines a lot of different approaches into one method that only requires you to push a button.

More of this push-button-technology will be shared all along the way!

In love and light,   Sandra