Digital Homeopathy goes Mobile for the First Time!

For two years I traveled around to visit Doctors, Dentists, Naturopaths, Students and Practitioners, sharing Digital Homeopathy through training programs and selling audio cds.  I even sold mp3 players for awhile, loaded with hundreds of options for helping people heal themselves.  I met some amazing people who shared some amazing stories.

Most people who know me know that I am a huge animal lover.  At the time I was travelling throughout the US and Canada, I had three dogs.  I purchased a travel trailer that I towed with my pick-up truck, travelling over 15,000 miles by myself with my dogs.  I treated my dogs and other dogs with the remedies and experimented with all sort of approaches for those two years.


Some of the highlights included:

  • Calgary Body, Soul and Spirit Expo:  I imprinted crystals with digital flower essences and passed them out to people passing by.  People holding the stones in their hands could feel the vibrations!  I sold hundreds of audio meditations!
  • Tippet Canine Allergy Relief:  My yellow lab was beginning another nasty season of allergies.  Usually this entailed a visit to the vet with no less than $500 in evaluation, tests and drugs which served to suppress her immune system so that she would need more drugs more often.  I vowed to stop that vicious circle!  After three months of applying Digital Homeopathy while travelling, she has never had the problem again!


  • Bug Repellent Experiment:  While visiting the Cleveland area, I decided to conduct a tiny experiment with mosquitos.  If you know that area, you can understand that mosquitos can be large, abundant and annoying!  I captured some bug repellent and imprinted it into a spray bottle.  Results:  It did not work as effectively as real bug repellent like OFF or DEET… but it worked much better than nothing and I avoided the toxic chemicals!

I started to understand how Digital Sound Remedies can impact our wellbeing in lots of different ways! 

"I met a lot of great people in the process!  Most practitioners who are up to speed with the latest advancements in science, like quantum physics and biology, gravitate to this technology and understand it immediately.  Does this sound like you?  If so, then the new book "Digital Medicine:  Experience Homeopathy as Sound" will serve as validation for what you already know! 

Are you new to these ideas of digital homeopathy?  Then let this book open the door to greater possibilities for you.  It was new to me, too, when I first heard it.  This book is meant to answer most of the questions I have been asked over the years."

- "Digital Medicine:  Experience Homeopathy as Sound"  by Sandra Hickman, due out Spring 2015.

In love and light,   Sandra