Welcome to the Digital Sound Remedies Blog on Digital Homeopathy, the New Quantum Medicine!

Hi, my name is Sandra Hickman and I am currently a PhD candidate at International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine (IQUIM).  I got here after spending the last 6 years learning how to take increasingly more responsibility for my personal health and well being.  The path I chose taught me that no one knows me - and my health - better than myself.  I tried a lot of things and realized that healing can occur at many levels – physical, mental, vital and spiritual.  You can read more about my story at (link).  Along the way, I became involved in a unique application of Homeopathic remedies, which have the ability to affect our health at more than just a physical level.   As I have used Digital Homeopathy – homeopathic remedies delivered through sound – I have realized that they are easy to use and have wide reaching applications.  They work!  But what got me really excited is the possibility of making them available to more people who, like me, want more freedom and independence surrounding wellness choices.  I decided to pursue my Doctorate to engage in a more formal process of inquiry and experimentation about this.  It is my desire to create momentum around Digital Homeopathy as a viable daily option for individual wellness.

The purpose of this blog is to incorporate my studies and laboratory research into a forum that is available for other students and those interested in this and energy medicine, homeopathy, energy healing, natural medicine, alternative healing, sound healing, vibrational healing, digital homeopathy, and other quantum medicine.  I want to offer the opportunity for others to get to know me while we build a community of support and education regarding these subjects.  Specifically, I will be conducting research regarding the efficacy of homeopathy that has been digitized into sound and used to test and balance subjects.  As I document the process at each step along the way, I hope to share other relevant research already available.

You participate in this process by reading, sharing and commenting on the blog posts.  The rules of engagement include the usual constructive, responsible and informative sharing.  I like to remain open to all possibilities for healing, including those that I may never have considered due to my beliefs.  That is how I came to be a steward of this science!  Please join me with a like mind by visiting https://sandrahickman.com/?p=112 and enjoy the process with me.  If you have not already, please click on the opt-in box to your right to receive a free sample and become a member of the community. 

In love and light,   Sandra