A Healing Intention Community with Powerful Healing Vibrations

Hi, my name is Sandra Hickman and I am a Phd student at the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine.  I am a healing coach who accelerates others ability to heal themselves. Emphasis is on simple, easy, straightforward.

This blog is about community and our ability to activate consciousness in the universe to support us.  We tap into the mass consciousness which allows us to exponentially heal.  If we join hands in our mutual self healing, we tap into multitudes of others who share the same intention.  Intention is exquisite and when it is clear, specific and shared, it is divine.

I will be sharing a lot of research and methods regarding vibration and healing.  Without deciding our method is better or worse than another, we allow for individual preference and creativity.  We become open to the possibilities.  When we are open to possibilities and allow our awareness to reach the part of us where beliefs are determined, we can actually change our mind or rewire our thinking towards greater well being and joy. What works for you is what is relevant.

Joining in this community means accepting the joint intention for self healing, the tenets of which are:

  1. I take responsibility for my health and well being.
  2. I desire freedom and independence from systems and processes which attempt to categorize me in ways that I determine do not serve me.
  3. I understand that healing occurs at many levels, including physical, mental, vital and spiritual.
  4. I am open to all of the possibilities for my healing, including those that I may never have considered due to my beliefs.
  5. No one knows me better than myself and I am the complete and total authority over what takes place with me.
  6. I understand that healing can show up in many forms and that sometimes the path to my awareness of this healing can seem difficult or even worse when I began.
  7. I believe that where two or more meet in healing agreement, that the positive intentional outcome of healing will be experienced by us all.

Get a PDF of these tenets:  Healing Intention Community

If you agree with these intentions, join the healing intention community.  I will share the latest in research and development in a way that can be understood by most people.   Included will be the research I will conduct for my dissertation. You won't want to miss my posts about the exciting and revolutionary technology I am studying!

Love and Light,