Why hitting the snooze button helps you organize your day!

Experts will tell you that hitting the snooze button to get a few extra minutes of sleep will actually make you more tired during the day. They say that the narrow time between the alarms is insufficient to get you into a deep sleep. FANTASTIC, is what I say! If your intention is to grab a few more minutes of sleep, then I agree with the scientists. You are just being lazy. But, if your intention is to frame up your day, set intention, and create inspiration, then this is your creampuff time to stir up momentum! You see, your brainwave state will go into an Alpha and Theta mode, which can be an ideal place of discovery, exploration, healing and creativity. You know this place as that area of in-between awake and asleep - when you come up with great ideas but forget them as you wake up, or worst yet, convince yourself that it was a bad idea. This is the place where you begin to remember your dreams and begin to figure out what your subconscious self is telling you in your sleep. Because you are not in Beta mode, which is where you head when the brainwaves speed up and you wake up, your conscious mind cannot sabotage or talk you out of the great ideas you come up with. And because the snooze button goes through regular cycles, you are more likely to remember what the creative idea or plan was because you go in and out of conscious awareness.

If you want to remember your dreams or understand them more completely, you can actually use this time to actively engage with your subconscious process to communicate and understand the meaning. If you seek healing, you can visualize and communicate with yourself to create the restoration, repair and rejuvenation you need to heal.

So here is the key: Use This Time Wisely!

Don't just hit the button because you are too lazy to get up. Hit the button with the intention of using these increments of time as a way to solve problems, organize your day, set intention, send blessings and create healing motivation. You can wake up revived and ready to go if you set the positive intention for it! Let the sound of the alarm clock be your cue to go into this resourceful place of planning and reflection.

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Love and Light,

Sandra Hickman, The Audio Medic