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DigitalMedicineCabinet™: Allergy 1

“So I listened to the CD twice last night, once this morning. I have to admit…no allergy symptoms. Very impressive …”

Sherri H, USA

DigitalMedicineCabinet™: Inflammation 1

“I pulled a muscle while dancing, so I sat down and listened to Inflammation Remedies.. Again it worked extremely fast and seems to leave you feeling peaceful. I wonder why that is.”

Barb C., USA

DigitalMedicineCabinet™: Fever 1

“A boy of 17 called me and was ill with pain in his throat and high fever, but the next day he had to pass an examination. I played digital remedies on my computer through the telephone, and during the treatment the fever went away and did not come back anymore. We did a second treatment in the afternoon and the next day he could go to school again."

Bridget H., France

DigitalMedicineCabinet™: Relax 1

“I can’t believe how much better I felt when I left your office yesterday. I was calm and relaxed and not a bit hungry, even though I hadn’t eaten all day (and it was 2:00 p.m.). When I got back to the office, I was more focused and able to get quite a few things done before I left for the day. I didn’t even feel the need to take my afternoon dose of Adderall.

“When I got home, I listened to your relaxation remedies that I have, and the evening was so much better than they have been in the past. It was the first night in many that I was able to go to sleep easily and slept through the night. And I didn’t feel like I needed a drink to ‘take the edge off’… another first in a long time.”

Penny B., USA

DigitalMedicineCabinet™: Allergy 1

“… I did buy MP3 files for allergy and… the result is fantastic and amazing!!! Before (since 1982) I have (had) problems with allergies – foods, perfumes, dust, lice. The impact of this is flu pain, fever, nausea, fatigue and so on…  I got another problem. About 1 hour after making love (sorry) I have a problem suddenly getting ill, general flu-like, head, eyes, nose, throat, muscles, fever. Before, I don’t know the cause. … I read the article at this link:   http://healthland.time.com/2011/01/19/can-you-really-be-allergic-to-your-own-semen/They call it Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS). Now after I was disciplined to listen to the MP3 file for allergy, I became normal and yes, free from POIS.  Thank you, Sandra, for this.”

Confidential, Indonesia

DigitalMedicineCabinet™: Muscles and Ligaments 1

DigitalMedicineCabinet™: Pain 1

“One person I tried it on was my partner. He has a heavy job with a lot of lifting, and one night he came home saying he had had a bad day working with very heavy pipes that he had to lift and manipulate. His shoulders were killing him. I sat him down with the earphones on and he listened for five minutes. Less than twenty minutes later, he said all the pain had gone and he felt ‘wonderful.’ ”

Barbara C., USA

DigitalMedicineCabinet™: Insomnia 1

 I'm your allergy cd ambassador; I tell everyone who is suffering with allergies how to reach you. Your sleep cd is awesome too. It makes me sleep so soundly that I pry myself outta bed in the am. That's ok, I love it!

Lynn O., USA

DigitalMedicineCabinet™: Headache 1

“I have suffered from migraines most of my life. I relied on aspirin early on, and then when Imitrex came out, I started taking that. This helped immensely with the pain and bringing comfort, but the side effects of soreness that I received was a side effect that I had to live with. Then I found Sandra Hickman’s Digital Medicine and her Headache 1 file. From the first time I tried it, my migraine left me with no pain or muscle discomfort or side effects, and the file didn’t cost me over $10 each like Imitrex. Thank you so much for putting this out and making available for the world to gain relief without swallowing garbage.”

James T., USA

DigitalMedicineCabinet™: Allergy 1

"I am diagnosed with asthma and emphysema. I am allergic or sensitive to numerous foods as well as many environmental triggers. The last few springs I have been wretched with numerous symptoms in spite of using a prescribed nasal spray daily. Fall gets me too, but not as bad. I bought the cd for allergies early last spring. I used it at bedtime all last spring whenever symptoms started appearing. I was amazed with how much better I felt, and with the absence of symptoms. Normally I would be trapped indoors all spring, but not last year. It works to minimize fall allergies as well. I highly recommend the allergy cd for anyone tired of being tormented by allergy symptoms."

Lynn O., USA

DigitalMedicineCabinet™: Muscles and Ligaments 1

DigitalMedicineCabinet™: Pain 1

“I fell asleep soundly and slept through the night. I felt less tendinitis in my left elbow, forearm, wrist and fingers the following days. Truly, this amazing effect lasted from early Friday during a tough day as a periodontal therapist through to Sunday afternoon.”

Suzanne B., USA

DigitalMedicineCabinet™: Pain 1

“I treated my grandmother of 91 … because her legs were so stiff and painful. After hearing her remedies, she stood up and walked like a younger woman. It was amazing! After two days, it was still better with less pain during the night. She was laughing all the time!”

B.H., France

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