How long and how frequently should you listen to Digital Homeopathic Sound Remedies?

It is believed that digital remedy therapy is Natural, Safe & Free from Side Effects.  Most people consider this approach “Self Adjusting” because you can listen when and for as long as you need to.  Digitized remedy medicine is delivered to the body energetically through sound waves.  Biochemical responses often associated with taking pills usually referred to as negative side effects can be avoided.  Each remedy combination is carefully selected to address a particular health related issue, taking into consideration potencies and number of remedies per audio file.  When considering how frequently and how long you should listen to a sound file, follow these guidelines. 

Guidelines  Generally speaking, Homeopathic remedy therapy can appear to be counter intuitive for those used to traditional pharmaceutical dosing.  In typical Western oriented medicine, one must achieve a certain toxicity level in the body in order for a drug to be effective.  After losing its effectiveness at that dose, often one is instructed to increase the dose in order to achieve the same effect.  With energetic therapy such as digital medicine, often ‘less’ is ‘more’.  In fact, Homeopathic remedy therapy is an excellent companion for digital sound file therapy because it is energetic by its very nature and construct.  As Homeopathics are potentized, the remedy is actually diluted to increase its energetic strength. When considering the frequency and duration of listening to a sound file, remember that  'Less' may be 'More'!  This may be especially true for 'energy sensitive' people. 

Frequency and Duration of Listening 

For an Acute or Urgent Problem, listen continuously until relief is experienced and then intermittently as needed. 

For a Simple Long Running Problem, listen once daily to start and then change the frequency and duration as needed.  Often listening less is appropriate before listening more frequently and for longer periods of time.  Evaluate your use every few days.  If a plateau seems to be reached in one month, consider additional support therapies or evolving towards other remedy files.

 For Long Running Trauma, use remedies once daily to start and then increase frequency and duration as needed until resolved. 

How do I know I am responding to the therapy?  Since Homeopathic remedy therapy can impact the root causes of a problem or issue, emotional factors are often addressed during the healing process.  Some users report sudden awareness of these effects even long after listening has terminated.  When evaluating the effectiveness of a remedy combination, consider that all responses causing variation in the current state are indications of a resonant connection with the digitized sound remedy file.  These responses vary by individual and often include immediate and fast results.  There also may be an initial intensification of symptoms or the experience of seemingly unrelated changes both emotionally and physically prior to resolution.

In love and light,   Sandra