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This is the story of the creation of MOJO Gel.

It was created to address specific issues experienced by my late husband, Michael Balzano (1949-2012).  His nickname was MOJO.  Michael was a successful Battalion Fire Chief for LA County Fire Department.  He worked as a firefighter for 30 years moving between various roles.  As a Captain, he was in an attic firefighting when signals got crossed and a helicopter water drop caused him to plummet into the basement of the house.  This dramatic fall caused serious damage to his spine.  For years he managed back pain until in his 50's he underwent 10 hours of back surgery.  With 2 six inch titanium rods, six 2 1/2" screws and a 3 inch plate, his lower spine was held together.  This virtually eliminated the flexion in his spine.  His hips became increasingly painful, acting as the shock absorber for his spine.  Michael was very sensitive to narcotic pain medications.  MOJO gel was created to help knock off the edges of pain so that he could manage it more effectively.  This kept him from using prescription medications for the balance of his life.  He would use the gel by applying it multiple times daily to his hips.  This kept him off addictive pain meds and allowed him the mobility to carry on an active lifestyle fly fishing, riding his motorcycle and RVing.  Michael died from asphyxiation on January 19, 2012.

MOJO gel is created using over 70 different Digital Sound Remedies to address Pain, Sprains & Strains, Muscle & Ligament issues and Joint Mobility.

These sounds, consisting of digitized versions of Homeopathic and other remedies, are played through a special device which imprints the vibrations into the organic aloe vera gel.  Aloe is very soothing and when used without fillers, is odor free and non-sticky.  Since liquids are a great conductor of energy, this is a perfect vehicle to deliver sound vibrations to your body.  It is created in small batches in a clear environment following a rigorous blessing and intention creating process.  It is sold personally through the Healing Intention Community Clinic  or directly from The Audio Medic, Sandra Hickman by emailing her.

Client Reviews:

"This is working very well!  It's amazing!  No matter how I sleep, I wake up with lower back pain.  This takes it away in 30 seconds!  It works quickly and it works great!  when it wears off, I just put it back on."  Jeff, K.

"I love this stuff and put it on my hands when the joints hurt."  Karen S.

"You're right!  It knocks the edge off.  I function much better."  Barb L.

"You should let people know that this gel is wonderful.  It's very wet so it can be messy.  But it dries with no odor and no sticky residue.  Love this stuff!"  Amy G.

These statements have not been approved by the FDA.  No medical claims are intended or implied.  Proprietary blend.  Use at your own discretion.