Nana Shows Dogs Respond to Digital Sound Remedies!

"A healthy body is one where the frequencies are flowing in balanced harmony.  When negative frequencies reside in our body, our natural abilities are suppressed.  When we are out of balance, out of harmony, we begin to lose our wellness.  Based on these two profound laws, emerging from the science of physics and biology, sounds produced by the voice, instruments or electro-mechanical devices can be used to balance frequencies in the body, creating  the opportunity for health and wellness.

I have found over the years pets and animals have a natural understanding of this phenomenon. Here is an example of this in action with a dog:

Nana was part golden retriever and part basset hound.  One day after returning from a hike, she was found clinging to the side of a pond that was filled with startling cold water, weak and nearly drowning.  She was pulled from the water and left by the pond while we looked for a blanket to dry and move her.  I placed my DigitalMedicineCabinet™ from my smart phone device on the deck stairs and began playing the remedy titled "Pain 1".  When we returned with the blanket, to our amazement, Nana had made her way over to the phone and was lying with her head right next to the speaker and sound. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA She just seemed to intuitively know she needed the remedies.  She had a resonant connection and moved toward them naturally.  When she had experienced them adequately, she stood up and walked away."

  • Excerpt from “Digital Medicine:  Experience Homeopathy as Healing Sound”, by Sandra Hickman,  due out Spring 2015

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