Nature Sounds are Relaxing and Healing

“There are hundreds of sounds that help create healing in the body.  Nature sounds are universally relaxing and revitalizing. Understanding the proven effects nature has on health and healing is like separating flour from a cake mix.  It is such a common ingredient you don’t challenge its relevance.  The sound of crickets at night, birds singing in the morning, a babbling brook, even the silence created by snow falling can be regenerative.  Nature sounds open up our ears to hear and receive more. Getting out in nature can be difficult if you drive on the freeway or sit at a desk.  By putting healing sounds in an audio, you can feel like you are in nature in seconds flat.  But which ones are the most soothing to listen to? Ironically, the most popular nature sounds all have to do with water! Running Water in Yosemite When water effects are combined with other sounds from the environment, like birds, wind and insects, you can be mentally transported to a more natural environment.  You can pretend that you are in these places when sounds help remind you of what it would be like to be there.”

  • Excerpt from “Digital Medicine:  Experience Homeopathy as Healing Sound”, by Sandra Hickman,  due out Spring 2015

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