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Positive Intentional Belief Statements (PIBS)

Creating positive intention can be a conscious choice.  Furthermore, research shows where there is common intention among groups of people, the impact can be even stronger. When we join together with common intentions, all of us enjoy overall greater well-being. Shared healing intention can be very powerful.

These Positive Intentional Belief Statements (PIBS) appear within each category and remedy within Your Digital Medicine Cabinet.  They offer you the opportunity to resonate with the purpose and intention for which the remedy was created - namely, releasing all of your healing potential to address the issue which caused you to select it.  You join with the common healing intentions of others who select this remedy also, therefore maximizing your healing potential through the common meeting of minds ("where two or more meet in healing agreement").  Even if you decide to 'reword' your intention to suit your circumstance more closely, you will still experience the benefit of others 'holding the space' for all of the healing needed by the countless individuals taking responsibility to accelerate their own healing.  The PIBS also give you something to focus on while listening to the remedy so that your energy can align towards your desired outcome.

As always, I hold all of you in perfection trusting that each and every sound you hear in Your Digital Medicine Cabinet will help you maximize your own healing potential.

In Love and Light,