How are the Pure Vibrations of Digital Homeopathic Sound Remedies Captured?

Capturing individual remedies is a scientific process which involves a device, called an Energy Wave Capture Station, advanced sound cards, a computer, and special audio software.  The Energy Wave Capture Station has been custom designed by a team of engineers and scientists over the last ten years and is currently patent pending.   


"This custom-designed device and complete system allows the end user to create digital-audio representations of the substance placed inside.  It uses a specially designed sensitive transducer system that couples with the energy wave or unique vibration simultaneously being captured.  Electronics are used to capture and amplify the signal, with software as the final step to sample, digitize and store the signal. 


The complicated wave pattern, or unique vibration signature, can be visualized by the spectrograph below representing the well-known homeopathic remedy Arnica Montana:


3d frequency analysis of a digitized remedy


The goal is to capture the unique vibration information of what is placed in the chamber with as little extraneous noise as possible. The patent-pending chamber is carefully designed to ensure as much noise as possible is blocked and filtered from the capturing process. Noise such as vibrational energy from cell phones and towers, 60-Hz lighting, and geopathic and magnetic energy from the earth is significantly reduced or eliminated with the capture chamber design. 


The Energy Wave Capture Station™ can be used to measure almost anything that can fit into it, with remedies used for various purposes.  For example, a practitioner can determine if someone has an allergy to something by playing the sound of it, rather than administering it and waiting for a reaction."

- Excerpt from the book "Digital Medicine:  Experience Homeopathy as Healing Sound", by Sandra Hickman, due out Spring 2015

The vibration of the remedy is captured in the Energy Wave Capture Station and when used to test and balance subjects, works similarly to the actual substance if taken in its physical form.  As more formal research continues, these findings will continue to be shared.  To see the unveiling of the device, go to my blog post:

In love and light,   Sandra