Research Coming on Homeopathy Delivered as Sound

In my upcoming book, Introduction to Digital Homeopathy: Homeopathy as Sound, I give a brief overview of Sound Healing in Chapter 2. Here are a couple of paragraphs. As you can see, I am beginning to create the platform for research on the efficacy of digital homeopathy.

Sound Healing
The effects of sound on healing, has been well documented and publicized over the last several decades. Sound has been used for healing in a multitude of ways that today we take somewhat for granted. Ultrasound is used to detect a fetus in the womb. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) devices use sound and magnets to make pictures of organs within the body. Certain frequencies are known to accelerate bone mending, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and stimulate dopamine production.

The effects of music on health and wellbeing have been well documented and publicized over the last several decades as well. Most everyone is aware of the studies regarding the use of classical music to create a healthy attitude and environment. It is well understood that music has a significant effect on our ability to relax, for example. This is evidenced by the large industry of relaxation music available for sale. One needs only conduct an internet search on relaxation music to discover a world of options created with the intention of making a listener relax.

Using Sound with Plants
There are numerous studies which indicate that sound vibration can stimulate a seed or plant. For example, seeds are sometimes treated with ultrasound to help start the germination process and improve water uptake. Next time you are travelling on the highway, pay closer attention to the selection and location of plant life in the landscaping. It is a common practice to plant foliage along freeways to reduce noise pollution and studies have indicated that they grow differently than those planted in a quiet environment.

It has been know for decades that musical sound of various types has been shown to illicit plant response. In her book, “The Sound of Music and Plants”, Retallack shares stories and experiments she conducted with music and plants in the 1970’s. “The Secret Life of Plants” has documented dozens of experiments regarding the vibratory nature of plants and their relationship to people. A search through the internet video channels reveals hundreds of home experiments using sound to stimulate plants. Furthermore, it is widely accepted belief that plants can provide a good indication of the effects of sound on living all organisms.

Homeopathy used on plants is called Agrohomeopathy! Why not test the effects of Digital Homeopathy on plants?