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Multiple technologies combine to accelerate your healing potential in exponential ways.

All of your senses are being affected as you listen to sounds that stimulate your healing.  Watch beautiful colors spill across your eyes as your imagination yields to positive suggestions for your wellbeing.

Watch this 4 minute video that explains and demonstrates the process:

This is how it works.....

You have a perceived issue, something that is bothering you.  Maybe it is emotional.  Maybe it is physical.  It's probably both.  We will discuss what is presenting itself to you and narrow our focus to one subject.  During our discussion, I will use Advanced Languaging Techniques to begin the process of rewiring your thinking towards positive healing intentions.

Homeopathic remedies are identified which match your intentions for healing.  Uploaded into state of the art recording equipment, they are combined with nature sounds and music to enhance your relaxation and reception of the information being offered to you.

You are invited to relax deep into the hypnotic recliner, where you are safe and comfortable.  Wearing top notch Bose headphones and eyeglasses fitted with LED flashing lights, your extraordinary experience transports you physically and mentally into a new space.  While you receive the Digital Homeopathy through your ears and eyes, positive hypnotic suggestions guide your conscious and subconscious processes to align toward your highest best good.

The 15-25 minute Guided Medication™ is recorded live and will be available on CD for you to take and listen to at home*.

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Sandra Hickman, MA, CCHT, Phd Candidate - Natural Medicine

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