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Welcome to Your First Private Session to experience Digital Homeopathy!

(Respectfully, this video does not autoplay, so click the arrow to make it play!)

I want to cover a few basics with you before we get started.  Like I said, this is a highly individual experience!  I want you to get exactly what you need to address what is bothering you right now.  You want something personal and I want to give you a chance to really have the experience you deserve.

Our objective is for you to experience Digital Homeopathy!  Let’s address a simple issue to start.  Sometimes longstanding issues are complicated and require special attention.  I am surely willing to help you with those areas of healing in future sessions.  But for your first session, I want you to feel confident that this technology is right for you.  If you’re not sure, then include several options on the form below.

Please complete the form below and share with me exactly what you are looking for.  I will prepare some options in advance and we can consider them when we connect.  I find that a 15 phone conversation is sufficient.  However, I am available via Skype as well.  For those with whom contact is difficult or schedules become complicated, I am happy to communicate via email in order to select the appropriate sound remedy.

So let’s get started!  Please complete the information in the boxes below.  After I get your information, I will contact you to coordinate a convenient time for us to connect.

Please know that I will only use this information to communicate with you about this session.  Your email will go into my mailing list which allows you to get other communication from me, like verification of your order, links to your remedies, and special offers.  Special offers will be limited to those available on my site and you will always have the option of unsubscribing.  I hate spam too, so I will never sell a single bit of your information.

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Please read this fine print:
If multiple files or combination remedies are necessary, additional costs for time and effort will apply, but I promise to be reasonable.  After all, my goal is to make this easy, affordable and accessible.  And if I don’t have the remedy you want, just send me what you want and I will capture it to play digitally!  Of course, additional costs for time and effort will apply.

By using this product, you agree that it is designed solely for self-improvement, learning, as an aid in motivation, relaxation, experimentation and self healing.   The contents are energetic in nature, assisting to rebalance the body’s discordant energy.   These cannot always be tested using conventional methods.

Please understand that your This product is not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. No medical or healing claims are intended express or implied.  Do not listen while driving or operating machinery.  These sounds are copyright protected.  Their reproduction and distribution are firmly protected by copyright laws.  If violated, the quality and value of the recording and its intended effectiveness may be compromised.  While I encourage you to share your success with these remedies, please obtain permission from me should you desire to duplicate these in any way.  Arrangements for experimental, clinic and research oriented release can be obtained in writing.  It is well documented that excessive use of cell phones and placement near the head may have negative health effects.  It is recommended you listen to your DigitalMedicineCabinet™ from your cell phone using wired headphones or a small portable speaker.