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Welcome to Your First Private Session

to experience Digital Homeopathy!

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I’d like to offer you a more personal experience! I created an easy way for you to get exactly what you need to address what is bothering you right now. You want something that can help you really listen to this new technology. And I want to give you a chance to really have the experience you deserve.

Just like Robert, who was treated over the phone suffering migraine at that moment. After listening to the remedies, the headache was gone and he wasn’t tired anymore.

Or Scarlet, the dog who had inflammation in both eyes. After three days of listening to the sounds, it had passed.

Get started now and for only $30, I will spend 15 minutes with you to mutually agree on what remedy would be best for you to listen to. You may already be using something you know works but you want to try it in sound. Or, you may want to try something new. We’ll talk about how frequently and how long you should listen to it. I’ll give you a link and you will be able to listen to it following the instructions. I know you will be amazed! Just like Gail!

Gail was getting ready for a hiking trip and TMJ had her jaw locked down tight. She was preparing liquid meals! After 15 minutes with some dental remedies, she felt relief. Listening for a few more days, she was able to take the trip and eat regular food!

In fact, I am so convinced that you will want more that I am willing to continue to work with you at this reduced rate.

If you have a chronic issue that needs to be addressed, we will talk about it and come up with some possible sound remedies that can help facilitate your body’s natural healing ability.

If you have clients you want to use these sounds with, we will come up with a plan to address their concerns. In fact, once you experience these sounds, you may want to offer your custom remedies to them and I have a simple way you can do that with a membership site.

If I don’t have the exact remedy in my library of thousands, you can send me a sample to digitize at a minimal cost.

This natural and effective process saves you time and money because without pills, bottles, prescriptions, co-pays, drug companies and trips to the store – you save money and time in the long run.

This offer is limited to sound files I have on hand. Don’t worry! I have thousands of different kinds of remedies in multiple potencies! Homeopathics, Flower Essences, Gem Elixors, and combinations used for years including Detoxification, Allergy, Pain, Mobility and First Aid, to name a few.
So let’s get started!

Click here for Your First Private Session and take advantage of this $30 Special Offer!


Please read this fine print:
If multiple files or combination remedies are necessary, additional costs for time and effort will apply, but I promise to be reasonable. After all, my goal is to make this easy, affordable and accessible. And if I don’t have the remedy you want, just send me what you want and I will capture it to play digitally! Of course, additional costs for time and effort will apply.